Management of Self

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Management of Self

The whole life is a form of management. Student, Saint or housewife all
have to manage their life. In any organisation 3 things are managed. Cash
flow, people and material. With respect to human relationships the mind
has to be managed.

Situations in life cannot be avoided as they will stop the growth of the
individual if they don't face the situation. What is under their control
is they can stop being stressed.

Problems help people to grow. So we should face them courageously and

In the world of objects first children learn their subject and then sit
for exams. But in life first exams are there in the form of a situation
and then we learn the lesson out of it.

Life is a process of taking decisions. If we don't take decision we stop
growing. We take the decision and if they are right we enjoy the fruits,
and we learn from the wrong decisions. An intelligent person is one who
takes decision based on his knowledge and experience.

Mind never gets old; body gets old.  A mind getting old means it is
inflexible. Always observe your mind quietly. Mind is all the time with us
but doesn't listen to us. Only way to build relationship with the mind is
to listen to it first. It is not necessary to accept what the mind says.
If our mind is involved in what we are doing then we grow better.

A person with a controlled, regulated, trained and beautified mind will
have minimum problems. Be the master of your mind.
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