​Recently 3 incidents

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Recently 3 incidents which have shaken us and make us to rethink where we are moving.
1. Man, who was owner of 12000 crores Empire, Raymond is now living in rented room on hand to mouth basis because of his Son has showed him Exit door of house.
2. Billionaire Woman died in her posh Flat in Mumbai , her body became skelton in one year and Her millionaire Son was not even bothered to know about her in last 1 year.
3. An IAS officer topper of 2012 batch committed suicide because he was unable to cope up stress with his family issues.
All these incidents tell us that Money and power / reputation are not the only things which make us to feel complete.
(Raymond says a complete man !!!)
Unless and until we are not happy with, whatever have in our life it is incomplete.

Let us show gratitude for what we are blessed with while aiming at higher goals in life.

Let’s enjoy each and every second the precious gift given to us by the Almighty.

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