A useful tip for ‪‎car‬ owners !!!

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A useful tip for ‪‎car‬ owners !!!
How to Immediately Get Back Your ‪‎Stolen‬ Car !

It is a fantastic idea for those who can’t afford car ‪‎insurance‬ or ‪‎Tracker‬ System. I’m forwarding this to all my friends.

How to Get Back Your Stolen Car?
It takes only 2 minutes for a car ‪‎thief‬ to runaway with your car. No matter you have a ‪‎auto_alarming‬ devices fitted in your car.

The best ‪‎safety‬ for your car is a live and active ‪‎Mobile‬ Phone hidden in a safe place in your car:

1. Buy any low price mobile phone with longer ‪‎standby‬ time.

2. Install a mobile ‪‎connection‬ which has best network in the country.

3. Turn this mobile on complete ‪‎SILENT‬ mode (double check it should not ‪‎vibrate‬ while you turn it on SILENT mode).

4. Wrap it up slightly in a ‪‎plastic‬ sheet so that it should not get dirty and dusty during its hidden use.

5. Make sure it is ‪‎perfectly‬ responding by calling its number from another mobile phone.

6. ‪‎Hide‬ this mobile in a safe place in your car. And that’s it…!!!

If your car is stolen, immediately inform your local ‪‎Police‬ Help Line 100. Give them phone ‪‎number‬ of the mobile hidden in your car. Police can easily track the ‪‎location‬ by calling that number. Chances are that you may get back your car within the shortest possible time.

And finally do not ‪‎forget‬ to ‪‎charge‬ this mobile at least twice a week and hide it back in your car in active position.

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