_/\_ Namaskar!

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The significance of this gesture extends far beyond even the simplest definition of “I bow to you”. Namaskar is a humbling gesture. It has a deep spiritual significance that seeks to reduce our own ego in the presence of another person.

I’ve learned that one of the most beautiful ways we can honour someone is to look them in the eye and really see them. Not the clothes they wear or the labels they cling to. Not their profession or status. Not the car they drive or the house they live in, but to really see their essence and to know that their essence is the same as mine. There is no separation.

The gesture of placing our palms together in front of the heart is called “anjali mudra” which means to honor or celebrate. A mudra is an energetic “seal” or circuit that guides the flow of energy and reflexes to the brain. Anjali mudra helps us to listen and to focus inwardly – both physically and mentally.

It connects us with our higher self and when we practice it, we practice honoring and celebrating not only our higher self, but the higher self that resides within all living beings (the light in me honors the light in you).

Namaskar represents yoga… two seemingly opposing forces (masculine/feminine, inner/outer, light/dark, me/you) being joined together. The word yoga means to “yolk” (to join).

It ultimately seeks to unite all opposites and dissolve any illusion of separateness that may exist. This helps to soften the barriers we often place between us and serves as a reminder to honour and celebrate not only your higher self, but also the higher self that resides within all living beings.

_/\_ Namaskar!

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