The Google Smartwatch is Real and Made By Motorola?

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The Google Smartwatch is Real and Made By Motorola?
The Google Smartwatch is real and features a similar interface to Google Glass, according to a new report from Android Authority.

We’ve heard it now and again, but the Android smartwatch is now in physical form. The watch has been shown in at least three different Google offices: Berlin, Manchester, and Mountain View. We were told the original watch rumors popped up when displayed in a rough form at the Berlin and Manchester offices. Having recently been shown off at the Mountain View campus, the watch is set for release sometime soon.

The site’s source says, “Functionality will be very much like Glass” relying on a card type interface with swipes to the left telling you what is coming up.

Notably, the manufacturer of the device is said to be Motorola who was acquired by Google in 2011.

It’s unclear when the smart watch might be released; however, Google is holding its Google I/O conference starting on May 15th.

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